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  • Three Easy Essential Oil Recipes to Battle Cold and Flu Season

    How do so many people stay healthy while others endure the harsh effects of the changing weather? Here are some (not-so-secret) tools you can use to help keep your immune system supported this fall.
  • The Challenging Art of Aromatherapy

    By Crystal Fares, CAHP® There are several parallels between clinical medicine and the practice of aromatherapy. Clinicians are usually not involve...
  • Slip into a Bath to Slip into Slumber

    September is around the corner, bringing with it the end of summer. As much as we love carefree holidays and staying up late visiting, many of us look forward to having a routine. It is also time to get ready for back-to-school activities and convince kids that they need to go to bed earlier. Not always an easy task! With the hustle and bustle of this time of year, you may find it hard to calm down enough at night to fall asleep easily. One tool you can use to help start to feel sleepy is a warm, aromatic bath.
  • The Aromatherapist's Garden

    Have you ever planned a garden based on the aroma of the plants when combined? As aromatherapists, we know how our olfactory system can stimulate our limbic system, and how aromas can bring up past emotions and behaviours. From walking by and brushing against the plants to just sitting in your yard, these aromas can evoke positive energy and calming stress relief with a whiff of their aromatic scent.

  • Meet your 2022-2023 CFA board of directors!

    Meet your 2022-2023 CFA board of directors!
  • Is It Safe to Use Essential Oils in Pregnancy? Yes and No, and Here’s Why

    I could rip my hair out trying to figure out what is true and what isn’t when it comes to using essential oils when pregnant. The questions are endless, as is the misinformation. The difference is, being pregnant and in need of reliable and safe advice, the stakes are a little higher! I would like to share my experience of being pregnant, confused and wanting symptom relief but having more questions than answers.
  • New Beginnings with Spring

    Welcome to spring 2022! Have you felt the energy? Spring is about shedding. Shedding old habits, shedding metaphorical weight and heavy things on our hearts. This shedding can be positive or negative, depending on where you're at in your emotional landscape.

  • Tips To Using Essential Oils While Cleaning Your Home

    The virtues of essential oils when used in the right dilutions provide a refreshing scent and have an uplifting effect on mood while cleaning. This makes cleaning less of a chore and more of a productive workout.

  • Show Your Love with Aroma Massage

    February is the month of love, and what better way to show your love for someone (or yourself!) with the gift of massage. An age-old practice, mass...
  • Immunity: Where does it begin?

    It’s January 2022 and the new year is upon us, amidst a worldwide pandemic that just keeps spreading viralloads across the globe. That may be more than enough to stress out our clients in their increasingly stressful lives. But with the cold weather season, we also see a rise in a variety of cold symptoms: sneezing, coughing and myriad influenza viral strains that bring on fevers and achy joints. Is this ever-growing roster of illness stressors avoidable? If yes, then how? And how can we best help our clients build a stronger immune system?

  • Essential Oils to Support You in the New Year

    It’s that time of year when we have had our fill of holiday meals and festive libations and our body is craving healthy habits. People often turn to aromatherapy to support them through what can be for some a difficult transition period. Is there any validity to the claims that inhaled essential oils can help curb cravings, or is it all placebo?

  • How To Pick The Best Aromatherapy School for You

    There are hundreds if not thousands of schools offering aromatherapy education all over the world. How does one choose the right program? The answer is it depends on many factors.