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  • Aromatherapy Gardener’s Almanac for 2023

    Is your green thumb getting itchy like mine? Do you have a hundred seed containers on the kitchen counter vying for your attention? There’s lots to plan. Sort those wonderful ideas into tidy to-do lists so your garden, window sill or front walkways can be full of aromatic plants all through the growing season. Refresh your memory or maybe learn something new from the following gardening guidelines.
  • The Aromatherapist's Garden

    Have you ever planned a garden based on the aroma of the plants when combined? As aromatherapists, we know how our olfactory system can stimulate our limbic system, and how aromas can bring up past emotions and behaviours. From walking by and brushing against the plants to just sitting in your yard, these aromas can evoke positive energy and calming stress relief with a whiff of their aromatic scent.