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The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) is the leading and largest accrediting aromatherapy association in Canada. For over 25 years our organization has built solid credibility as an educational standard setter and professional networking platform.

We recognize that international interest in aromatherapy is increasing. Therefore, the CFA is committed to offering quality, higher education. As leaders in the field, we help to advance the profession by keeping members up-to-date with the latest evidence-based research, trends, and know-how. Learn more.

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From Our Webinar Series

Anosmia, aromapots, aromasticks and acupressure

Learn the causes of anosmia, the anatomy of olfaction and its related physiology. Peter presents a brief description of the pilot study methodology, rationale for the combination of interventions, and lessons learnt from the project. He will explore the implications of the project for aromatherapy practice and give us insight into future research

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Aromatherapy for the Elderly and Alzheimer's Patients

Essential oils and touch are excellent ways to generate a state of well-being in older adults and people suffering from different dementias. By using them, we begin to generate feelings of security, offering comfort, and a unique, special and safe place for them, while also working on physical issues that may be present in their lives.

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Elemental Sense

Gayle will show us how to use the 5 Element Theory to help with some common stress related problems heightened by this
pandemic that we have been living through. For fun she will give a Chinese Animal Year forecast for 2022 listing
each of the 12 animals. This talk will include possible stressors for each sign and a suggested oil based on the 5 Element Theory, and where to apply for best results.

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