The Modern Aromatherapist

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In an ever-evolving world, the essence of progress lies in embracing change and innovation. 

"The Modern Aromatherapist" presentation invites you to creatively approach the journey to enter the world of cutting-edge technology. 

Explore how software, AI, digital workshops, and mobile apps are reshaping the practice of aromatherapy, making it more personalized, accessible, and effective than ever before. 

Join us as we explore how aromatherapy businesses can work with the power of technology to grow their customer base.


Katrin's life journey began in Berlin, East Germany, where she went to school and trained for the Olympics in track and field. She later moved to Hamburg, then Zurich, Luxembourg, Antwerp, Spain, California, Portugal, and finally to New Hampshire, USA. 

After studying International Business Relationships, Project Management, and marketing, she built a successful career in supply chain management but felt the pull to follow her heart. She left her job, studied Spanish in Spain, and moved to San Francisco to study photography. She worked as a Senior Marketing Manager before fully embracing her passion and becoming a professional photographer. She explored other creative avenues, such as pattern-making and digital photo printing on home textiles and skirts, alongside her photography work. 

After becoming a single mother, she found stability in app development at Nokia while running a coffee shop in San Francisco. 

Fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, she chose a transformative journey and entered the world of Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare Formulation. With all her passion, she now helps aspiring wellness entrepreneurs unlock their full potential for success.

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