Board of Directors


The CFA is guided by up to seven energetic volunteer board members (elected from within our membership) and several dedicated volunteer committees.

President image


 President: Maria Fiordalisi, CAHP ®,






 Vice President: Danielle Sade, CAHP ®




Secretary Treasurer photo


 Treasurer Secretary: Crystal Eadie Fares, CAHP ®




 Education Director photo

 Education Director: Kelly Stanhope, CAHP ®




Research Director photo


 Research Director” Shannon Bachorick, CAHP ®




Special Projects Director photo


 Special Projects Director: Chris Carrothers, CAHP ® 




Office Administrator Photo


 Office Administrator: Michelle Fodor




Bookkeeper photo


 Bookkeeper: Carole Bowman, CAHP ®




Social Media Manager image


Social Media Manager:
Sheri Westenberg, PMP, CAHP ®





Research Committee:

The CFA would like to thank our volunteers making a different on our Research Committee: Maxine Barclay, Monika Meulman, Shannon Backorich (Director)

Exam Working Group:

The CFA would like to thank our volunteers making a difference on our Exam Working Group: Chris Carrothers, Krista Grear, Danielle Sade, Sheri Westenberg, Nikki Fraser. Translated into French by, traduit en français par Jennifer Hatoum. Translated into Mandarin by Aihua Yu.

We are always looking for people who interested in being part of a team that helps the CFA to grow, learn, and become stronger . If you are interested volunteering for a committee please email us at