Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


1.1-the health and well being of the client is the prime concern of the member.

1.2-the client has the right to accept or refuse any form or aspect of treatment.

1.3-the member must not negate/gainsay the advice of any other health professional or practitioner.

1.4-it is the responsibility of the member to explain in detail, to the client, their treatment and any recommendations made.

1.5-the member shall represent themselves clearly, objectively and honestly with regards to their qualifications, training and experience.

1.6-the member shall actively participate in the promotion and education of aromatherapy to the public.

1.7-the member shall acknowledge and work with colleagues in other healing modalities and professions.

1.8-members shall not refuse treatment to anyone on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, health status or other non-humanist criteria. However, the member has the right to refuse treatment if sexual harassment, illegal actions, intoxication, verbal abuse or serious health risks are taken, proposed or threatened by the client.

1.9-the member shall adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as defined herein by the CFA.


2.1-Professional Member Aromatherapists are required to carry professional liability insurance for their practice and have a current first aid certificate.

2.2-members are required to carry such business insurance as may be required in their jurisdiction by law.

2.3-members are required to carry such licenses for the practice of their businesses as may be required in their jurisdiction by law.


3.1-members should provide their clients with a safe, secure environment.

3.2-treatment rooms should be adequately lit, clean, warm, and well ventilated.

3.3-the member should provide the client with a private changing area and access to washroom facilities.

3.4-massage tables and other equipment must be of professional quality, safe, sturdy and in good condition.

3.5-equipment and linens to be provided clean for each client.


4.1-the member shall receive informed consent from each client prior to the commencement of each treatment.

4.2-the member shall keep accurate and detailed treatment records and case histories of all clients.

4.3-the member shall explain all fees and charges that apply prior to commencement of the treatment.

4.4-client confidentiality and anonymity must be maintained in professional discussions and publications.

4.5-the member shall follow the laws of the land as they relate to their practice.

4.6-upon request a member shall provide a receipt for fees paid.

4.7-members shall keep accurate financial records.


5.1-members are trained to assess health, not diagnose or prescribe medication.

5.2-members must use only the purest, authentic essential oils and carrier oils.

5.3-the member must discuss with the client any possible effects of the treatment on any level.

5.4-the client must be properly covered or draped at all times to ensure their modesty is preserved.

5.5-if other therapies are practiced in conjunction with Aromatherapy, this should be explained to the client.

5.6-the member must recognize when a client’s well being requires referral to other health professionals.

5.7-no tools or gadgets that penetrate the skin or mucus membranes shall be used in Aromatherapy under any conditions.

5.8-sexual harassment is strictly forbidden, including touching the client in a sexual manner or verbalizing to the client in a sexual manner.

5.9-sexual relationships between member and client are considered unethical.


6.1-members recognize the need for continuing education; remain open to the development and use of new information and methods; to changes in values; and to changes in interpretation of knowledge.

6.2-Professional Members shall obtain a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year.

6.3-the client must provide written permission for treatment if it has been advised against by medical personnel.

6.4-members to dress professionally in an appropriate manner in clean, acceptable attire.

6.5-members do not practice when their ability or judgment is impaired by alcohol, drugs, strong attitudes, motivations or emotional states.

6.6–members respect the client’s authority about his/her own experience.

6.7-members do not place their own financial interests above the welfare of their clients or the profession of Aromatherapy.


7.1-fees reflect the normal range for the experience of the member, type of treatment and the business location.

7.2-fee, appointments, length of sessions, location and other business arrangements are agreed between member and client.

7.3-membership in the CFA constitutes agreement to operate within the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as outlined herein.

7.4-members agree that failure to abide by the terms, conditions and stipulations of this Code may leave them subject to action, legal or other, by the CFA. Action may include, but is not limited to: temporary or permanent suspension of membership; public notification of a member’s transgression; legal action

7.5-members shall be free to advertise their services in any way providing it does not discredit the profession or breach the code outlined herein.

7.6-it is understood that the CFA is hereby saved harmless from liability of any kind whatsoever for the actions of lack thereof of its members in fulfillment of their Federation membership.