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The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) is the leading and largest accrediting aromatherapy association in Canada. Established in 1993, we are a volunteer-based, non profit, national association that is federally chartered.

 We create a high standard of education that we require to be taught through our approved schools. Our schools teach the science of aromatherapy, as well as anatomy and physiology, to help the student understand how components come together to provide safe and effective holistic health, which can be used at home or expanded into a business opportunity. Interested in learning more about our approved schools? Read about them here.

CFA professional members must complete ongoing educational programs and be active in aromatherapy work. Our Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are applied to a large variety of courses, retreats, workshops, and lectures across Canada and internationally, ensuring that CFA members are continually increasing their depth and breadth of knowledge.

 We offer students and trained professionals value in a number of membership categories to fit your needs. Read about our membership options here

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 The CFA is dedicated to providing up-to-date, best practices and information about the safe and effective therapeutic use of essential oils, carriers and natural materials to promote inspired holistic health. We are dedicated to supporting the growth of the aromatherapy field and personal growth of members at all levels of membership, and to raise awareness on the benefits of formal educational regarding the safe and effective use of aromatic medicine.


 The CFA will be the leading provider of aromatherapy educational standards and information at both the national and international level.  

About Us


 The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists was established over 25 years ago, by a group of individuals in the complementary wellness industry who recognized the need for a governing body.

 The goal was to establish and maintain quality standards of practice as well as educational guidelines for aromatherapist certification in Canada, and to provide current and accessible product and practice information to both members and the general public.

 The first CFA Education Committee was formed in 1999 and together with the Board of Directors, it has set education standards for certification, safety, and professional conduct. 

 A core curriculum has been established and all CFA-approved schools meet or exceed these requirements and administer the CFA Certification Exam. Our newest curriculum was released to instructors in late 2020, and is some of the highest standards practiced anywhere.


 CFA approved schools must go through a vetting process, which includes approving curriculum, evidence of teaching experience, letters of reference and more. Our schools offer both in-person and online programs. Please read the schools bio for information on specific locations. The CFA is associated with schools that teach in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin. With so many options for learning, there is a school program that is right for you!  

About Us