Animal Aromatherapy Masterclass

Learn To Use Essential Oils, Hydrosols, and Herbs SAFELY With Dogs and Cats

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Meet Amy

With a certification in Animal Aromatherapy, a BSc in Exercise Physiology, and over 15 years of working with animals professionally, Amy Williams DeLong is uniquely positioned to teach aromatherapy science for animals.

In addition, Amy brings unique insights to supporting animals holistically through her work as an animal communicator, intuitive energy healer, Tellington TTouch® practitioner, and other holistic modalities.

Amy has supported hundreds of pet parents over the years, partnered with holistic veterinarians, and volunteered as a Veterinary Assistant at wellness clinics on Indian reservations. 

In her private practice, Amy helps pet parents find holistic solutions that help their animal friends live the best life possible, including teaching pet parents how to use essential oils safely while giving pets a choice in selecting aromatics.


Masterclass Overview

If you’re confused about which essential oils are safe and which ones are harmful for our furry friends, you’re not alone. Safety is the top concern for pet parents when it comes to using essential oils around animals. The Animal Aromatherapy Masterclass will empower you to navigate the world of animal aromatherapy confidently by knowing what to use and how to use it safely with dogs and cats. Yes, cats benefit from aromatherapy too! Discover how to use essential oils safely around animals, whether they belong to you or your clients. But we won’t stop there… Go beyond essential oils and discover how to support animals with hydrosols and herbs.

What You Will Learn

Lesson Summary

Lesson One

Lesson Two

Lesson Three

With a clear focus on safety, you’ll learn about the animal olfactory and integumentary systems, the truth about cats, and the essential oils to avoid for dogs and cats. Plus, prevent adverse reactions and gain peace of mind knowing that pets are safe.
Using aromatics safely with animals is key. Explore the different ways animals benefit from inhalation and topical applications, appropriate dilutions for animals, and how animals choose their own aromatics to work with.
Discover the top remedies to have on hand to soothe travel sickness, pain, anxiety, respiratory illness, and skin irritations.

Registration deadline April 20, 2024