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  • Three Mistakes I No Longer Make with Essential Oils

    Welcome the world of essential oils, where there is just as much magic as there is misinformation. One of the most common marketing slogans I’ve heard is, “There’s an oil for that!” Anxiety? Here’s lavender! Got a headache? Here’s peppermint. Can’t sleep? Well, vetiver and marjoram are the obvious choice! However, while essential oils work, there is so much more to know—especially when you want to use them safely.

  • Is It Safe to Use Essential Oils in Pregnancy? Yes and No, and Here’s Why

    I could rip my hair out trying to figure out what is true and what isn’t when it comes to using essential oils when pregnant. The questions are endless, as is the misinformation. The difference is, being pregnant and in need of reliable and safe advice, the stakes are a little higher! I would like to share my experience of being pregnant, confused and wanting symptom relief but having more questions than answers.
  • Tips To Using Essential Oils While Cleaning Your Home

    The virtues of essential oils when used in the right dilutions provide a refreshing scent and have an uplifting effect on mood while cleaning. This makes cleaning less of a chore and more of a productive workout.

  • How to Avoid Extreme Sunburn this Sunny Season

    Did you know that some essential oils are phototoxic? In this article, we will cover the best practices for using essential oils safely in order to avoid extreme sunburn this sunny season.