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  • Three Easy Essential Oil Recipes to Battle Cold and Flu Season

    How do so many people stay healthy while others endure the harsh effects of the changing weather? Here are some (not-so-secret) tools you can use to help keep your immune system supported this fall.
  • Immunity: Where does it begin?

    It’s January 2022 and the new year is upon us, amidst a worldwide pandemic that just keeps spreading viralloads across the globe. That may be more than enough to stress out our clients in their increasingly stressful lives. But with the cold weather season, we also see a rise in a variety of cold symptoms: sneezing, coughing and myriad influenza viral strains that bring on fevers and achy joints. Is this ever-growing roster of illness stressors avoidable? If yes, then how? And how can we best help our clients build a stronger immune system?