Sue Todd: Gratitude Practice: My journey of growth over the last decade

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Gratitude Practice: My journey of growth over the last decade

Sue Todd, OCR-CR, Cert. ADED, CAHP

We’ve come through some fairly turbulent times with a worldwide pandemic, threatening economic crises and the widespread suffering of mental illness affecting so many people. 

Gratitude has been a practice many people have dabbled in from time to time, often as a means of shifting negative energy after personal hardships. We often start with simple gratitude statements in journals, but don’t stick with the practice long enough to experience the true impact.

In this seminar Sue will explain how gratitude practice has supported her for over a decade while caring full time for a parent with dementia, running her own business and dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment during a pandemic. She will answer the unspoken question of “What can gratitude practice do for me?”

She will explore the power of words, how to choose them, and the theory of “energy follows thought”.

Finally, she will provide scientific data showing the impact on physical and psychological issues, and how gratitude cultivates and encourages the development of other virtues.

She will share simple strategies to incorporate gratitude in all facets of our lives.

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