Exploring the Foundations of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing of Essential Oils


Exploring the Foundations of Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing of Essential Oils  webinar ad

This presentation delves into the intricate world of sustainability within the field of aromatherapy, exploring its core principles and some of the pressing challenges that essential oil-bearing plants face.

As the demand for essential oils rises, the need for ethical sourcing practices becomes paramount. The talk will address the critical importance of being aware of the conservation status of these plants and the pivotal role that understanding their unique chemistry plays in sustainable use.

Additionally, the presentation will explore the profound connection between some essential oil production and Indigenous Peoples, emphasizing the ethical considerations and responsibilities that come with sourcing from biodiverse regions.

Attendees will gain insight into the multi-faceted approach required to ensure that the sourcing of essential oils is conducted with respect to environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability, ultimately leading to a more ethically conscious consumer.


Kelly Ablard, Ph.D., is a biologist and a certified aromatherapist. As the Founder and CEO of Airmid Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, she is dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainability of medicinal and aromatic plants, with a focus on their traditional uses in Indigenous communities.

Kelly's work spans diverse fields, including conservation biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and behavioral ecology. She has conducted in situ and ex situ research worldwide, studying traditional medicine practices, protecting threatened species, and understanding chemical communication in nature. Kelly has also enjoyed her role as a lecturer throughout the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, South Korea, Peru, and Indonesia.

Her achievements earned her recognition as an outstanding alumna by Simon Fraser University in 2022. Kelly is also the Co-Owner and Co-Principal of Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies, Ltd.


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