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Essentria Aromatherapy School is an online school offering various courses recognized by NAHA and the CAHP ® course with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists. Our Clinical Aromatherapy Certification course is available in both English and Français.

We also host a weekly podcast called Vetiver Vibes, subscribe where you listen to never miss an episode!

Our Certification course is over 475 hours and covers over 70 essential oil profiles, history, chemistry, safety, chakras, carrier oils, hydrosols and so much more. Students also learn anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Those who will benefit from our programs are; parents, health providers, health coaches, fitness, yoga instructors, RMT's, naturopath's and natural health enthusiasts or those who want to learn how to improve their health!

Our free Intro Course is available for all to get a taste of our online learning environment! Join us today!