Elemental Sense

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Elemental Sense 

Gayle Smith 

All living creatures carry a life force called Qi(chee).  Plants store it and concentrate it.  We eat plants to sustain our qi balance.  We also use plants for medicine.  It is no stretch then to see that essential oils are basically little bottles of concentrated Qi.  

The 5 Element theory uses 5 labels: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth to describe Qi. When there is an imbalance in our Qi flow, we will see indicators. 

Just to name a few  conditions that would satisfy the theory are for example: an imbalance of metal would show with skin, and/or breathing problems.  Urinary issues would show for Water Qi, gallbladder would show the Wood Qi imbalance.  Emotions come out as Fire Qi, and sleep and/or rest represents the Earth Qi.

With the use of essential oils using the 5 Element theory, we can react to these indicators through our meridians; The lines that carry the Qi throughout our bodies.  Essential oils can then be applied to the key location along a meridian line to bring about an effective remedy.

Gayle will show us how to use the 5 Element Theory to help with some common stress related problems heightened by this pandemic that we have been living through.  For fun she will give a Chinese Animal Year forecast for 2022 listing each of the 12 animals.  Talk will include possible stressors for each sign and a suggested oil based on the 5 Element Theory, and where to apply for best results.


Gayle Smith has been practicing professional Chinese 5 Arts since 2004; and Chinese Medicine since 2016. She received a Master designation from her school, FSRC, (studies of Chinese Metaphysics) in 2015.  Gayle is always striving for effective ways to bridge people to their life styles.  In 2018 Gayle earned her Aromatherapy accreditation that has given her an opportunity to bring this great essential oil resource to her clients safely and effectively.


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