Business 101

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Being able to build a business and life of your dreams is inspiring, so this webinar introduces you to a few basics to consider before you start your journey.

If you are new to running a business or have in the past but failed to accomplish your goals, this webinar will give you a brief guide on where and how to start.

Time is money and money is time. The presenter has experienced this as a professional and created this webinar to introduce you to everything you need to start the business of your dreams without wasting any unnecessary time or information overload, or money and falling down an internet rabbit hole.

They also explain how to explore more information beyond this webinar, when you might opt to hire out and the value in keeping full control of your business. Countless marketing, business and government sites explain that if you are not making money, it’s a hobby. Is your aromatherapy practice a business or a hobby?

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