Aromatic Medicine Garden - Planning Guide for growing and using herbals for Herbal Infusions

Aromatic Medicinal Garden photo

A webinar about the basics of Herbal Infusion Remedies, from planning and growing to harvesting earth medicine.
This year, home grown medicine can be at your fingertips.

- Planning the Medicinal Garden (no space too small!)
- How to grow your own medicinal aromatics
- How to harvest and dry medicinal aromatics
- How to prepare Herbal Oils with your garden herbs
- How to store medicinal aromatics
- Guidelines for choosing your top 3 herbal oils

Monika Meulman has been practicing as a professional Aromatherapist for over 20 years and is a life long gardener. As the chair of LEGS (Lakeshore Environmental Gardening Society), she has been growing plans, gardens AND plants just about everywhere. She runs the beautiful ECO & EARTH based Healing Muse Apothecary in West Toronto. She strives to Inspire Healing in those who cross her path and always looks to nature as her source of healing wisdom.

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