Aroma Alone: Strategies in Clinical Care

Aroma Alone photo

Over the past 15 years, the use of aroma-alone therapeutic interventions in clinical settings has greatly increased. Prior to this, aromatherapy had largely been associated with a touch technique delivered by the health care practitioner.

In this webinar, Rhiannon will draw upon her extensive experience in clinical care as well as upon latest research that demonstrates the efficacy of aroma-alone interventions to reduce suffering, improve symptom management, and improve quality of life across a range of clinical challenges and with different age groups.

Rhiannon was the first person to introduce aroma inhalation devices to the UK cancer and palliative care world in 2003. She will share some of the lessons learned along the way concerning their integration and efficacy as well as offering simple, clear guidance on the benefits of reinforcing the “aroma” aspect of aromatherapy.

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