Giving the Gift of Relaxation

By Camilla Restrepo, CAHP®-AM, RPN


’Tis the season to celebrate with our family and friends! It is a beautiful time of unity, connection, reconciliation and, well, of course, gift giving.

Now I am sure your sister, mother or best friend would enjoy another pair of cozy socks and underwear, but what if I told you that you can give them an unforgettable gift of relaxation, detoxification and healing? Can you imagine how great you’d feel knowing you gave the most thoughtful gift, especially one that won’t get thrown in a closet somewhere.

Let me tell you about the one and only, aroma massage!

Now, I know you might think that this isn’t new, and you’ve seen this around. Heck, you might even think you’ve gotten one of these before. A relaxation massage with some essential oils, what’s the big deal?

Oh, my friend, let me tell you. A true aroma massage is performed by a certified aromatherapist. That’s because it starts off by the aromatherapist carefully selecting a mix of essential oils that is customized and blended to perfection.

The essential oils used in the massage are pure, hand-selected and completely focussed on deep inner healing. But that is not all.

What separates an aroma massage from a regular relaxation massage is the technique. The rhythmic flow of the session brings about a calculated lymphatic drainage and detoxifying effect, which allows the body to find balance and safety.

The reason this massage can be so healing to the mind, body and soul is because of the perfect mix of both therapeutic touch and an intentional hijacking of the brain with natural aromas. This puts the body into a state of “rest and digest.” It is a state is also referred to as the parasympathetic response in the body where the body perceives safety and is able to rest, digest and, most importantly, repair. Many practitioners of holistic modalities will know that although we are not healers, our craft allows us to get the body to a state where it can heal itself from within. That is the magic of a true aroma massage.

An aromatherapist works with plant medicine in two ways. The first one is in using the aroma of the essential oil to induce relaxation by connecting to the psyche and creating a deep sense of calm. The other component is in the application of the essential oil on the skin. It allows the body to absorb the benefits into the bloodstream, resulting in immunostimulation, detoxification, cleansing, pain management, and much more.

The modality of aromatherapy only works with plants that work harmoniously with our bodies, therefore creating a gentle balancing where we need it most.

If this sounds like the kind of gift your best friend, sister or mother might need, consider reaching out to a local aromatherapist, and give the unforgettable gift of wellness! And hey, don’t forget to gift yourself one too!



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About the author: Camila Restrepo, CAHP®-AM, RPN, has found a passion for all things aromatherapy and is especially enthusiastic about supporting women on their self-empowerment journey. Camila comes from a nursing background and has had the honour of working very closely with people from all walks of life, including mothers and newborns, forensic psychiatry patients, palliative patients and the geriatric community. Camila is the founder of Essentsia Apothecary, a company proudly focussed on teaching people safe essential oil use and offering natural products to support their self-care journey. Committed to her lifelong learning, Camila is currently studying reflexology and reiki, and is advancing her nursing career into medical aesthetics.  

Photo by klenova, Getty Images Pro