CFA School Spotlight: Artiscent International Holistic Institute

Artiscent logo purple lotus flower
British Columbia, Canada
Artiscent International Holistic Institute

Artiscent was established in 2004, and is the only CFA Certified Aromatherapy school that offers both English and Mandarin teaching which are taught by CFA certified instructors. 

We offer in-class training located in Vancouver, Canada. The program aims to balance the theoretical and practical aspects of Aromatherapy in order to create a demand for knowledgeable professional training. 

Meet our instructor
Our core instructor Vickie Chen, the BC provincial instructor, is a certified Medical esthetician and certified Laser technician in both Canada and Switzerland. She has been teaching and working in Spas and Laser clinics for more than two decades. Her main interests lie in the fields of therapy as she enjoys using essential oils to create customized blends for maintaining and enhancing ones well-being during Pre-Post laser or during skin care treatment.

We take pleasure in welcoming all to join our program. We seek those who have the desire to move into this particular field.

Students are expected to be hands-on in our clinics.


Vickie Chen
5507 West Boulevard
Vancouver, BC