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Policies & Guidelines

Professional Members shall:


1.1  – demonstrate commitment to provide the highest quality aromatherapy care to those who seek their professional service

1.2  – explain the treatment and any recommendations to the client in detail

1.3  – represent themselves clearly, objectively and honestly with regard to qualifications, training and experience

1.4  – provide services within the scope and limits of their education

1.5  – recognize when a client’s wellbeing requires referral to other health professionals

1.6  – actively participate in the promotion and education of aromatherapy to the public

1.7  – respect the advice and work co-operatively with colleagues in other healing modalities and professions

1.8  – not refuse treatment to anyone on the basis of age, race, religion or sexual orientation

1.9  – undertake continuing education and improve skills and professional standards whenever possible

1.10 – adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as defined herein by the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA)


2.1  – carry professional liability insurance

2.2  – carry such business insurance as may be required by law in their jurisdiction

2.3  – carry such licenses for the practice of their business as may be required by law in their jurisdiction


3.1  – maintain premises in a hygienic condition

3.2  – ensure premises offer clients sufficient privacy and washroom facilities

3.3  – provide clients with a safe, secure environment


4.1  – be educated to assess health, not diagnose or prescribe medication

4.2  – obtain informed consent before commencing treatment

4.3  – endeavour to serve the best interests of the client at all times and respect their wishes

4.4  – use only 100% pure essential oils and carrier oils

4.5  – discuss with the client any possible effects of the treatment

4.6  – properly drape clients at all times to ensure their modesty is preserved

4.7  –  explain any other modality used in conjunction with the aromatherapy treatment

4.8  – not use any appliances or devices under any conditions that penetrate the skin or mucous membranes

4.9  – not recommend or condone the ingestion of any essential oil in any manner


5.1  – take a case history and keep accurate and detailed records of all treatments

5.2  – keep all information in a secure place

5.3  – not release any information without the written consent of the client

5.4  – explain all fees and charges that apply prior to commencement of treatment

5.5  – maintain client confidentiality and anonymity in professional discussions and publications

5.6  – provide a receipt for fees paid

5.7  – keep accurate financial records

5.8  – ask for written permission for treatment if it has been advised against by medical personnel


6.1  – recognize the need for continuing education; remain open to the development and use of new information and methods; and to changes in interpretation of knowledge

6.2  – obtain a minimum of 24 CEU hours of continuing education every 2 years

6.3  – dress in an appropriate manner in clean, acceptable attire

6.4  – not practice when ability or judgement is impaired

6.5  – not touch the client in a sexual manner or verbalize to the client in a sexual manner

6.6  – avoid sexual relationships with clients


7.1  –  operate within the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as outlined

7.2  – charge fees that reflect the normal range for the experience of the therapist, type of treatment and the business location

7.3  – inform clients about fees, appointments, length of sessions, location and other business arrangements

7.4  – only use such titles and designations that are conferred upon them by any professional organization or institution of higher learning of which they are a current member in good standing

7.5  – be free to advertise their services in any manner providing it does not discredit the profession or breach the CFA Code of Ethics

7.6  – agree that failure to abide by the terms, conditions and stipulations of this code may leave them subject to action by the CFA

7.7  – understand that the CFA is hereby saved harmless from liability of any kind whatsoever for the actions or lack thereof of its members in fulfillment of their Federation membership