Jean-Claude Villeneuve: A Journey in Farming and Sustainability of Crops

A Journey in Farming and Sustainability of Crops

Jean-Claude Villeneuve, Eng. Owner/CEO BoreA Canada

Jean-Claude will be sharing his incredible journey in farming and sustainability.

As the producer and exporter behind BoreA Canada, based in the stunning Eeyou Istchee James Bay region of Northern Québec since 2014, Jean-Claude has been at the forefront of sustainable extraction processes. Their traditional and innovative techniques are designed to produce essential oils, hydrosols, and other high-quality extracts that minimize harm to the environment.

BoreA Canada's circular process reduce greenhouse gases by 60% compared to a conventional process. Their production facilities are state-of-the-art and enable high-capacity scalable production. Every aspect of their operation is overseen, from harvesting trees to the end product, to ensure the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


Founder and CEO of BoreA Canada, Jean-Claude Villeneuve, an engineer by training, had a mission that entailed creating products which would improve people's health. Passionate, he had imagined, even before founding his own company, that his studies in electrical engineering and robotics could one day allow him to realize this deep desire. He spent several years working and traveling in Asia and the United States. After returning in 2014 to his native Chibougamau-Chapais region, located in the territory of Eeyou Istchee Bay James in northern Quebec, Canada, he set up his business.

BoreA Canada now produces high-quality essential oils, hydrosols and other extracts from more than 15 species emanating from the boreal forest. Jean-Claude feels it is important to use both traditional and innovative extraction processes based on eco-responsibility. Although his engineering training came in very handy when he designed his own distillation tanks which were unique for their high capacity and performance.

“We do not hesitate to work in temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius in order to collect plants from the forest, far from human habitation and coming mainly from vast territories on public lands with long-term government guarantees. Government-managed crops are required to follow a very specific framework for ensuring renewable resources. ” Jean-Claude Villeneuve

"Every 1.42 seconds, someone, somewhere, uses 2 drops of Black Spruce essential oil to soothe their muscle pain or boost their energy." Jean-Claude Villeneuve

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