Welcome to the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists
As a proud professional association, the CFA stands behind what it delivers; the value of lifelong learning!

For over 25 years our organization has built solid credibility as an educational resource and professional networking platform.

With an ever-growing interest in the aromatherapy field, the CFA plays a crucial leadership role in the ongoing commitment to offering higher education, and in advancing the profession, by keeping members up-to-date with the latest industry-specific (evidence-based) research, trends and know-how.  At length, the CFA provides a comprehensive membership with an active learning and networking environment for its members.

Ongoing support and services are provided through :

  • Current best practices
  • Live industry events (networking opportunities)
  • Webinars with renowned experts in the field from around the world
  • Professional career development via Continuing Education
  • Special information resource library (via the member portal)
  • Established policies and guidelines

Top 5 Reasons to Join the CFA Today!

  1. Build valuable connections with peers and industry experts
  2. Access to member-only information resources
  3. EXCLUSIVE use of the Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional CAHP® designation
  4. Continue professional development to ensure ongoing competency in your profession
  5. Gain wider access to new and invaluable information through networking opportunities