Join One Of Our Committees!

As a professional CFA member or aromatherapy student, you will greatly benefit from the social growth in participating in a committee.

It’s a fun way to meet other aromatherapists, share your knowledge and help steer the growth of aromatherapy in Canada.

Current committees below. We meet, electronically, about 6-8 times a year. Email the Committee chair for more information.

Education Committee

Chris Carothers – Burlington – CHAIR

Jan Scanlan-Coles – B.C

Dr. Sheryl Beller-Kenner – Quebec

Danielle Sade Toronto / GTA


Grievance & Resolution Committee

Marianne Tavares – Scarborough – CHAIR

Colleen Hague – Scarbourgh

Carol Ann Granitstein – Toronto

Sue Todd – Richmond Hill


Events Committee

Colleen Hague – Toronto – CHAIR

Nancy Mitchel – Quebec

Vesna Nikolic – Toronto


Membership Committee

Monika Meulman – Toronto – CHAIR

Patricia Neherney – Manitoba

Colleen Hague – Scarborough

Vesna Nikolic – Toronto


Media/ Social Network Committee

Monika Meulman – Toronto – CHAIR

Kerri Locke – Mississauga

Marietta Sterman – Toronto