Artiscent International Holistic Institute
Vickie Chen
Unit A – 7569 Royal Oak Avenue
V5J 4J
NOTE: Artiscent International Holistic Center will not be accepting students for 2016


Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies
Colleen Thompson and Dr. Kelly Ablard
Langley, BC

Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies offers a comprehensive and evidence-based 600-
hour Advanced Aromatherapy Certification Program. The program brings the experience of
Colleen Thompson – Registered Aromatherapist with over 20 years of experience in the fields of
aromatherapy, product formulation, business and adult education, and by Dr. Kelly Ablard –
Registered Aromatherapist, Chemical Ecologist and Zoologist with over 20 years of experience
in the fields of scientific research, animal behaviour and aromatic plant conservation.

The course is offered through Correspondence and completed at a pace that suits the individual
student. Colleen and Kelly offer one-on-one mentoring, at no additional cost, upon request of the
student. The course is approved by the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy, the
Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, The Alliance of International Aromatherapy and the
National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and has also been credentialed by the Natural
Health Practitioners of Canada.

Dr. Ablard sits on the Board of United Plant Savers.

Colleen Thompson sits on the Board of the BCAOA as President and the Education Committee
Chair; and on the Board of the AIA as Director at Large and Education Committee Chair.


Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy
Danielle Sade
470 North Rivermede Rd, Unit #8
Vaughan, ON
L4K 3R8

Healing Fragrances School of Aromatic Sciences was founded by Danielle Sade B.Sc & C.A.H.P. The mission of the school is to teach professional, up-to-date courses in Aromatherapy and other certified educational courses in the field of Natural Health and well-being. Knowledge of the most current research materials, combined with practical hands on experience, will assist students in their goal towards becoming a Professional Health Practitioner in Aromatherapy.


Joyessence Aromatherapy Center Inc.
Joy Watson, CAHP™
13 Conner Drive
Leeds & the 1000 Islands, ON
K7G 2V4

Joy Watson, founder of Joyessence, is a Certified Aromatherapist/Instructor, Massage Therapist and Reflexologist with over 30 years of clinical experience. Julie Fischer, Joy’s daughter, is a Registered Nurse, Certified Occupational Health Nurse and Clinical Educator. Together they bring a wealth of health care experience to Joyessence. Joyessence offers aromatherapy certification courses through correspondence as well as Joy-of-Essence aroma-massage and reflexology certification in a classroom setting. All courses include an on-line component allowing our students to work at their own pace with their own tools (computer/ipad/iphone).


Living Essentials
Ida Mae Woodburn CAHP™
13950, 9th Line
L7G 4S8

Living Essentials was founded by Ida Mae Woodburn in 1999 to offer CERTIFIED in class programmes in Aromatherapy and Reflexology as well as a CORRESPONDENCE course in Aromatherapy. All programmes are recognised and approved by the governing associations (CFA  and RRCO). As a former educator and department head in the public school system Ida Mae applies her knowledge and expertise to present programmes that are interesting, interactive and informative with emphasis on the most current research.


Steps to Health

Chris Carrothers, CAHP™, RRPr.
Burlington, Ontario

Study the science of essential oils and develop the art of aromatherapy!

Steps to Health offers comprehensive, engaging education with the goal of empowering a new generation of aromatherapy practitioners. Our goal is to educate about the safe and effective use of essential oils and their role in aromatherapy for health and wellness. The quality and safe use of essential oils in practice is critical to Aromatherapy and is discussed in detail. All courses provide detailed information which continues to evolve as evidence-based research and clinical experience becomes available. Becoming certified provides you with new career opportunities. Graduates of our programs will learn the skills to create and build a successful career.

We offer in-person training with a creative, hands-on approach to learning. Class size is held to small groups with the intention to personally support and enhance each student’s learning experience. Our programs are for those who are new to essential oils and for those who wish to deepen their knowledge about aromatherapy, essential oils, their therapeutic properties and their application and uses.

Chris Carrothers of Steps to Health has enjoyed guiding students and clients along a natural pathway to wellness since 1998.



BelArôme Holistic Health Centre
Dr Sheryl Beller-Kenner
3285 Cavendish Blvd. #550
Montreal, QC
H4B 2L9

BelArôme Holistic Health Centre is an international, multi-disciplinary centre where people come to receive services, training, and products in various aspects of natural and complementary health care. Professional Certification Courses are offered in Aromatherapy and Reflexology and are approved by the professional organizations in their field; all courses include an on-line component, using the latest in teaching technology, to permit the student to learn in the most relaxed, effective way possible. All classes are small and hands-on.



Quintessence Aromatics Inc
Carol Kostiuk – R, N, CAHP™

QuintessenceAromatics Inc. is focused on helping aromatherapy students succeed in achieving their goal. We teach students when there is interest and a need, giving them the opportunity to stay in their home province, thereby cutting expenses. Carol Kostiuk, Reg. Nurse, the main practitioner in the HTF research project which was evidence based research for Aromatherapy Massage. Our focus is Sensitive Practice.