What a priceless experience! In a nutshell, that says it all. The investment was well worth the resources and connections we all made in the aromatherapy industry. Organized by Rhiannon Harris and Gabriel Mojay and their awesome team, Botanica gathered amazing speakers from around the world who inspired us with current research and application of essential oils. We met fascinating Clinical and Master Herbalists, Botanists, Wildcrafters, Distillers, Naturopaths, Research Scientists, and Medical Doctors that are pioneers in their field.

You will be happy to learn that the CFA is already working on bringing some of these amazing speakers here to Canada.  To top it all off, we were introduced to amazing suppliers and shopped our little hearts out. I truly felt like a little kid in a candy store or even better, a practitioner showered by priceless aromatic gems.

There were approximately 15 Canadians that participated in Botanica, 3 of which I travelled with; Danielle Sade, Chris Carrothers and Barbara Tremble. We had many special moments and enjoyed our experience fully. The University of Sussex in Falmer, England, where Botanica was held, was a charming venue near the seaside resort town of Brighton. We had busy days from morning to night of well executed presentations and activities that saturated us with knowledge. Needless to say, we melted into our beds at night with dreams of aromatic treasures, our brains attempting to assimilate and integrate all the gifts that had been offered.

It has already been a few weeks since our return and I can’t wait for Botanica 2018. We recently received the full conference proceedings, which in itself is a welcomed gift of memories and reference material that I will add to my library and continue to enjoy.

In closing, I want to share with you that the most important piece of information I gained through this experience;

There is an endless universe of essential oil information to share and research when it comes to the powerful aromatic treasures the world has to offer. We are fortunate to be part of this rapidly growing field that will reunite people with nature and that will arm us with aromatic medicines to help heal the world emotionally, physically and spiritually.