Board Of Directors

The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists is guided by up to nine energetic elected volunteer board members (elected from within our membership) and several dedicated volunteer committees.

Current Sitting Board of 2018-2019


Krista Grear, CAHP®

Vice President

Rachael Dean, CAHP®, RRPr

Website Director

Alida Kara, CAHP®


Carole Bowman, CAHP®, RRPr

Education Director

Julie Fischer, CAHP®, RRPr

Membership Liaison Director

Lori Tarbat, RT-CRA, CAHP®, RRPr

Research Director

Sheri Westenberg, CAHP®

Events Director

Susan Hayward-Bishop, CAHP®


Anna Eygenraam, CAHP®, RRPr


Rhonda Greenbury, CAHP®

Our wonderful board of Directors 2017. I so greatly appreciate their work, time and effort.

Attendees from our Aromatic Therapies and Australian Aromatic Spring Program 2017 with Mark Webb. What a lovely group!