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Board Of Directors

The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists is guided by up to nine energetic elected volunteer board members (elected from within our membership) and several dedicated volunteer committees.

Current Sitting Board of 2018


Krista Grear, CAHP

Vice President

Rachael Dean, CAHP, RRPr

Website Director

Alida Kara, CAHP


Carole Bowman, CAHP, RRPr

Education Director

Julie Fischer, CAHP, RRPr

Research Director

Kristen Marks, CAHP

Membership Liaison Director

Kathy Persia, CAHP


Anna Eygenraam, CAHP

Events Director

Mia Herrera, CAHP


Rhonda Greenbury, CAHP

Our wonderful board of Directors 2017. I so greatly appreciate their work, time and effort.

Attendees from our Aromatic Therapies and Australian Aromatic Spring Program 2017 with Mark Webb. What a lovely group!

A Bit of History

The CFA was established in 1993 by a group of individuals in the complementary wellness industry who recognized the need for a governing body. The goal was to establish and maintain

high standards of practice as well as educational guidelines for aromatherapist certification in Canada, and to provide current and accessible product and practice information to both members and the general public.

The first CFA Education Committee was formed in 1999 and over the years it has set high standards for certification, safety, and professional conduct.  A core curriculum has been established  and all CFA-approved schools meet or exceed these requirements and administer the CFA National Exam. In 2009, the CFA updated the national curriculum for education to the highest standards practiced anywhere. To graduate from a CFA-approved program, students must complete 400/425 educational hours and pass the standardized national CFA exam. [VISIT CFA SCHOOL DIRECTORY PAGE] In addition, to maintain a membership in good standing, all CFA members must complete ongoing educational programs and be active in aromatherapy work. Our CEUs (Credit Education Units) are applied to a large variety of courses, retreats, workshops, and lectures across Canada and internationally ensuring that CFA members are continually increasing their breadth of knowledge. [VISIT MEMBERSHIP PAGE]